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Kryptos Communications, Inc Founder Steve Carnes Releases Distribution of Kryptos Program to Corporate Accounts

October 25, 2011- Longwood, FL Stephen W. Carnes, the founder of Kryptos Communications, Inc has just announced that corporations can be equipped with Kryptos technologies to secure the communications of entire organizations.

Kryptos is a peer-to-peer program.  When used by both parties, cell phones and Smartphones are encrypted to protect against voice hackers.  Kryptos works on the iPhone, Android and RIM platforms.

Businesses are encouraged to protect their voice communications from intrusion, to prevent corporate espionage, protect development and concept theft, and blackmailing or kidnapping.  Kryptos technologies include Military Grade 256 bit AES and a 2048 bit key exchange.  This ensures the security of any corporation’s most sensitive data and private information.

Steve W. Carnes set out to develop and offer a secure way to communication over the cellular network after discovering how easy it is for hackers to gain access to the average cell phone user’s data.  Carnes is an all around entrepreneur and business professional.  He has launched several successful businesses over the past two decades. He is a native of Indiana and presently resides in central Florida.

For more information on getting organizations set up with Kryptos, and to find how corporations benefit from this program, contact the company directly.



Stephen Carnes
Kryptos Communications Inc.
160 East Lake Brantley Drive

Longwood, FL 32779

Corporate Sales: 407.516.3763

For more information about Kryptos voice communication encryption and how implement it into your business visit, http://www.kryptoscommunications.com


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